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Equipment Capability

Over 30 years experience and a highly skilled team of craftsmen still need the best equipment, and we’re proud of an extensively fitted workshop with all the latest kit.

Now fabricating sheet metal in 4m with our new 200 tone 4m brake press and guillotine

We carry out all our fabricating services in-house at our extensively equipped workshops in Chatham, Kent. In addition we work closely with local partners in business comprising of:

Skilled Joinery division capable of creating all timber and laminate materials.

A profiling partner capable of cutting any material up to 200mm thick and to a size of 6000mm x2500mm.

A Glazing partner capable of producing all manner of glass in both laminates and toughened, with in house Toughening plant.

Constant inward investment in the latest technology and training enables us to keep providing market leading fabrications quality, turnaround times and volume and physical size capability. Our team are highly skilled and experienced in getting the very best out of our kit.

Capable, adaptable, exceptional bespoke and architectural fabrication

We always aim to ensure that there are no limitations to what we can do; building in any material from metals to alloys, plastics, timber, composites and glass or approaching every challenge of complexity and detail our equipment capability is one of the best in the business, just tell us what you want it to do.